10 days left in South Africa

I knew for a long time this day would come. The day when I would have to leave my homeland, country of birth, the place I love. Lessons learnt

  1. Be careful what you wish for. It might come true
  2. Appreciate what you have, because you will miss it when it’s gone
  3. A life does not fit into boxes
  4. It’s harder than you think to decide what stays and what goes
  5. Memories and photos become priceless
  6. Worrying gets you nowhere – it just wastes your time
  7. The unknown is a scary yet exciting possibility
  8. You can never do enough planning
  9. Take each day as it comes and breathe
  10. There is overwhelming support everywhere you turn
  11. You will be missed as much as you will miss others
  12. Curve-balls happen but don’t let them shift your goal posts
  13. Writing things down helps you remember the important stuff
  14. Being a Jo’burger has made me strong
  15. My family and friends have made me even stronger
  16. Always follow through
  17. Believe in yourself
  18. I will survive

I hope to one day read this post and remember my reasons for leaving. There has always been a little adventurer inside of me. A little Indiana Jones. I don’t want to go into this new part of my life dragging all the negativity about the place I am leaving or think I am looking for a better life. My life is pretty awesome here and you do adapt to things that change around you. I rather want to look at this as finishing the book I was writing with a happy ending and start a new one. Perhaps even a different genre, new characters, a couple of exciting and interesting plot twists but ultimately¬†everyone lives happily ever after. So here goes. To The Book OF South Africa I pen “The End” and to my new adventure let’s try, “Once upon a time, in a country far away…”


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