Leaves getting to the point

I was listening to the radio the other day and they had a discussion with the Naked Scientist. Firstly, this guys knowledge of everything is just frightening.

A lady called in and asked why do a lot of leaves have a tip at the end?
Well there were a few reasons. The main reason is  to drain the water from the leaves. If you imagine a decent size tree can have up to 200 000 leaves on it and the mass of that must be a tremendous strain on the supporting stump and branches (up to a ton). Add water from a rainstorm and the mass suddenly increases to a couple of tons.
So the quicker the leaves can drain the water the better.
Also, water is quite a sticky substance. If it does not get flushed from the leaves it can create problems. Bacteria can settle and grow and cause problems for the leaves.
By draining the water off the leaves, they are also cleaner and more able to absorb carbon monoxide from the atmosphere. Covered in water, this could be a.little more difficult.
Some random information I hope you found as interesting as I did.

Follow The Naked Scientists for tons of interesting and sometime times completely off the wall topics.

Bored? Education at its best and written in layman’s terms.
Thanks guys for saving me from Candy Crush.


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